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Nigeria, an African country on the Gulf of Guinea, offers many natural attractions and wildlife reserves. Protected areas such as Cross River National Park and Yankari National Park are home to waterfalls, dense rainforests, savannahs and habitats of rare primate species. One of the most famous natural sites is Zuma Rock, a 725 m high monolith in front of the capital Abuja, which is also shown on the national currency.

Coming from Niger it was the unexpected last stop of our small travel group and at the same time the entry into the Anglo-Saxon territory on the African continent with everything that belongs to it. From left-hand traffic to golf and teatime, almost everything here was just like in Great Britain. But only almost.

The roads were a little less well developed or not at all. Left-hand traffic existed, if at all, only on paper and in a country with 90% illiteracy hardly anyone would have understood it anyway. Therefore, the various road users drove, walked, cycled or trotted criss-cross and also gladly back and forth in this most populous country in Africa, with corresponding traffic density.

Also fascinating are the golf courses with their greens, fairways, bunkers and other obstacles. Old car wrecks and other rusting scrap metal were cleverly draped on the right and left side of the terrain instead of imposing trees to mark the fairway. You should also know that at the time I visited this country there were almost no greens, only browns. Due to the lack of water the idea was born to mix sand with oil instead of grass in order to create a suitable area for putting. Only the sand bunkers, which in Europe have to be integrated artificially into the golf courses, the goods of naturally occurring real desert sand on the Nigerian golf courses.

The Teatime, that really worked brilliantly. After all, there are plenty of tea plantations in southern Nigeria, which supply the world market with the most important ingredients for the hot drink. Of course, this also produces plenty of leaves for the local market. Worth mentioning is here, actually, only that what the Englishmen, as already mentioned, rather as a hot drink around 5 pm to the teatime after according to ceremonial preparation to eat, in this nevertheless very hot country then rather coldly is drunk and mostly the whole day and not only around 5 pm and mostly also without ceremonial preparation.

Those who now want to learn more about this country can experience what happened to me in this country by clicking on the following cities.

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