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Federal Republic of Germany

Germany is a country full of rules and regulations and yet a country full of freedom and diversity. The country where I am officially living at the moment.
Even to travel to this country is a world trip in itself. There are the Frisians in the north with their harsh and arid character adapted to the weather. Then there are the very traditional Bavarians in the south who advertise this country worldwide on postcards with their knee socks and Lederhosen. Or the Swabians who supposedly can do everything except speak High German. Further in the east you can find the Saxons who are not to be missed in any satire because of their notorious dialect.

So you can travel this country and drift with more dialects and dialects as there are nations in this small world. In the Swabian language alone, there are over 19 different words and terms for dandelion, depending on the region. No wonder that the citizens of this country can not always communicate as desired.

But as you can quickly see, it is not always just the different dialects that make communication difficult or impossible. Also the various characteristics of the different ethnic groups often play a decisive role. This can also lead to very curious and for outstanding accounts hardly comprehensible quarrels, if for example in Berlin suddenly bread rolls instead of ribbons are sold.

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