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with the Trabi through Berlin

For over 30 years the Trabant P601, Trabi for short, was the means of transport of the GDR. Since 1958, the quality standards of VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau have been famous and notorious beyond the then still existing antifascist protective wall. After all, it usually took more than 15 years before such a vehicle was completed and could be delivered to its customers. But then it faithfully brought its owners and their families to Lake Balaton and the Black Sea. Only the Ballermann and the Wadden Sea remained inaccessible. The hurdles for this model series simply could not be overcome.
Today, the Trabi is very rarely found on the streets of reunified Germany, although most obstacles have been removed. Even in regions such as Leipzig, Halle, Dresden and Chemnitz, where the largest stocks existed, the vehicle is almost completely extinct. This is the reason why a few dedicated trotting protectors are working hard to ensure that the motorized grey plastic mouse does not completely disappear from the urban habitat of the new federal states, thus offering sightseeing tours in its natural environment. So in Berlin, mainly in the eastern parts of the city.
The chugging and smelly two-stroke column with plastic fairing, which comes up, could hide itself in times of diesel gate and fine dust discussion perfectly in its own exhaust cloud, all the same whether in pastel grey or pastel green. Nevertheless, it is a unique life experience to sit in one of these vehicles and chug through Berlin. The 3.5 m long vehicle makes you feel mercilessly how clammy it is about the household in Berlin. Every pothole in the underfunded infrastructure strikes a blow to the driver to remind him and his backside. Tuck and squatting and more than driving you cross Lichtenberg, Marzahn, Hellersdorf and Treptow to return to the TV tower in Mitte after one hour with a slipped disc and in a good mood.

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