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Biggest City and Former Capital Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria

Population: 10.404.112 • Area: 999,6 km² • Altitude: 41m

With over 20 million inhabitants, Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria and the most densely populated city in Africa, next to Cairo in Egypt, making it one of the most populous metropolitan regions in the world.

With Nigeria’s independence in 1960, Lagos became the capital of the newly founded state until it was replaced by Abuja in 1991. Despite the relocation of the government and administration to the new capital, Lagos is still the most powerful city in the country with the most important cultural, educational and financial facilities.

It is a great adventure to move through this African jungle of tin huts, highways, modern skyscrapers, beggars, magnificent villas, parks and slums. You meet the friendliest people and you know that some of them, without batting an eyelid, would stick a knife in your back at the next best opportunity, just to get hold of some more or less valuable belongings.

I only spent a few days in the city and was very happy to get to know the city in the end and to have left it unharmed and in one piece.

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passport photos in lagos