my small world

unique life experiences

Every person dreams of doing something very special at some point in their life. Some of these dreams come true and others will always remain a dream and sometimes a dream will be a dream that you didn’t even know existed until then.

Here are listed the things I dream about and which have happened in my life on this small, colourful and diverse world in one way or another. Also my dreams have not all come true yet. Some will probably remain a dream forever and others have actually come true in one way or another. Some came expected and others came completely unexpected.

Just as the dreams and life paths of everyone change, this list is also subject to constant change. Some will come and go.

I call this my personal tig list of special life experiences. If there is a check mark behind it, I have made the experience and the dream has come true. It will show if the rest can be fulfilled or can be fulfilled at all.

Until then, every visitor is invited to join in and experience how these dreams come true.